Sunday, January 22, 2017

Leader Dog Blues

Wake up in the morning,
She puts my red vest on.
We wake up in the morning,
And she puts my red vest on.
Pick up the harness, Mama,
We're down the street and gone.

I'm a leader, baby,  I'm a leader dog.
I'm a born leader, baby, I'll lead you anywhere.
I'll steer you through the traffic,
And I will get you there.

We go down the subway,
And we ride that train.
We go down the subway,
Waitin' for the train.
Go shoppin' for the groceries,
And we come home again.

Nappin' in the sunlight,
Rest my head upon her knee.
Nappin' on the sofa,
My head is restin' on her knee.
I'm just a leader dog, baby,
That's how it is with me.
 Joseph McConnell 2013

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